Ultra Low Drag Ceramic Bearings for Racing and Industrial Applications

Customer Gallery

Many of our customers would prefer their competition doesn't know they use our bearings, but if you're a customer we'd love to show you and your racing team off here in our Gallery if you don't mind. Send your photo to jack@performancebearing.com and we'll put it up!

Jeff Green
Formula 5000 Class B Winner

"Bearings are doing well. I have just snugged up the front bearings a bit but they are all doing well"
Jeff Green, Formula 5000 Racer

Zane Almon
QMRA World Record Holder

"Insane" Zane is currently 11 years old. He got his first quarter midget race car when he was 4 1/2 years old and began racing in the Jr. novice class in 2007 at age 5.

In 2008, Zane be-gan racing in the competitive class of Jr. Honda (drivers ages 5-8).

In 2009, Zane started racing for championships. Since that time, Zane has won 16 Track Championships, holds 7 track records at 4 different tracks, he has set 2 World Records, has 3 perfect seasons.

With 87 Main Event wins at the end of the summer, he is well on his way to achieve his 100th Main Event win in the 2013 season!

Shana Almon, Bullet Racing

Scott Parks
Neil & Parks Racing

"I wanted to write you this letter in thanks for your wonderful product and vast experience. Since providing your services to our program our speeds have grown tremendously. WE now have at least two full mph over the next guy in line, and I truly believe this is due to your ceramic bearings throughout my race car.

The thing that floors people especially is the fact that my car rolls so easy that the retractable tow strap on the golf cart will drag the car up close just with the spring tension in the tow rope!

The other phenomenon that happened about a month ago was in the pits. My dragster has wire wheels on the front and the breeze from my pit fan was spinning the wheel continuously!

Thanks again for giving us an edge on the competition...
Scott Parks, Neil and Parks Racing
Mike Strasburg B&J Racing Transmissions

Mike Strasburg - IHRA Top Fuel
B & J Racing Transmissions

Barry Daniluk
NHRA Top Sportsman

"I ran the car at two different tracks after installing Performance Bearing ceramic bearings in the center section and front wheel bearings of my car. The car was tested at two different tracks and both tracks showed a gain of three mph.

The bearings really work! The car is a 68 Camaro, Rossler trans, 3.89 diff, 832 Ron Miller engine no power adders.

Thanks again Jack!"
Barry Daniluk, Alberta, Canada
Team WFO Harley John & Katie Breckenridge

John & Katie Breckenridge
Team WFO Nitro Harley

Turner Childs
Bulldozer Racing

"Jack & Sandra,

I was surfing your new website and noticed your photo gallery.(nice job on the website!)

I have attached a copy of my son Turner and his 120 Arctic Cat / Bulldozer 120 Champ race sled. This is the 1st prototype and house sled of the racing chassis I build here in Rochester. Every bearing on the chassis and engine are ceramic from you guys.

This is Turner`s 250cc open Mod grass drag sled. Runs 60ft. at 1.41 secs., 6.22 secs. in 500ft. @65.9mph on grass. Same thing here on the bearings. I use your ceramic bearings exclusively on every one of Turner`s race sleds and he has an impressive winning record to show for it!

Keep up the good work!"

Gregg Childs, Bulldozer Racing

Mike Janis
NHRA Pro Mod

Joe Sirkle
Maxton Mile Record Holder


I wanted to preempt our Thank-You message by saying everyone who has seen your bearings in action on our bike has been throroughly impressed. It started with another team coming over to our booth at the Maxton event and spinning the front wheel while our race bike was on the stand.

They didn't realize it had your bearings in it until the wheel kept spinning for a freakishly long time. Then the flood of questions started. Next thing you know, half the teams have come over to spin the front wheel of the bike. There is no doubt your bearings reduce friction dramatically."

Joe Sirkle, Guinness Book World Record for fastest mini motorcycle

Larry Morgan
NHRA Pro Stock

Cody Sommer - Sommer Motorsports

Sommer Motorsports

"We spent some time actually researching bearings in the Ganassi R&D center, and these bearings (PB) proved to be the best combination we could come up with.

They are definetly high quality and a distinct advantage on the racetrack"
Cody Sommer, Sommer Motorsports

Brunson Grothus
ADRL Pro Extreme

Bill Warner
Wild Brothers Motorsports

"The rolling resistance difference with and without these bearings is really incredible, and there is no way I would ever run without them now"
Bill Warner , Wild Brothers Motorsports

Austin Sanders
KAM Kartway Hot Stock

Carley Sanders
Kid Karts