Ultra Low Drag Ceramic Bearings for Racing and Industrial Applications

Frequently Asked Questions about Ceramic Ball Bearings

In order to help understand more about our Ceramic Bearing products and services, we've compiled the following answers to the most commonly asked questions we receive.

If you have a question about Ceramic Bearings or how we can make you faster email us at jack@performancebearing.com or call 520-466-9176 and you will receive a response shortly. Be sure to include your question in detail.

Will Ceramic Balls Break?

If the ceramic balls are made of the highest quality Silicon Nitrate like the ones we use here at Performance Bearing, then failure of any sort, (cracking, chipping or breaking) is very unlikely.

Are all ceramic bearings the same?

No!!! Some companies are mass producing from overseas. These balls are not always produced out of quality Silicon Nitrate, so we have heard of balls breaking from other manufacturers. Silicon Nitrate Balls are available in different grades. Grade 5 (the best), then 25, 50, 100. Performance Bearing uses ONLY Grade 5 - the highest quality and lowest drag available for racing!

What is the difference between your ceramic bearings & others?

We always use real Silicon Nitrate ceramic balls. We are not using one size fits all in ball size and retainers. There is a manufacturing tolerace on bearings, so we might need to use an undersize ball or make the retainer larger or smaller to fit the bearing. We take the extra time to fit every bearing, so you the racing customer get the best bearing on the market.

How are your retainers made?

We make our retainers on a State of The Art CNC machine, not stamping or molded like most of the competition.