Ultra Low Drag Ceramic Bearings for Racing and Industrial Applications

Performance Bearing Company History

Jack Wilson - Performance Bearing Owner Jack Wilson

Jack Wilson, owner of Performance Bearing, background is in Engineering, Journeyman Machinist, & Tool & Die Maker. He has been racing since he was 17 years old. Jack has raced Go-Karts, flat track, TT, Enduros, drag racing, midget cars, off road, dwarf cars and modlights.

All of his life, he has always tried to get all the horsepower out of everything motorized. Friction is a big horsepower killer. When Jack was in the bearing business, he realized no one was addressing the friction problem that is in a bearing.

So to address that problem, Jack and his wife Sondra launched Performance Bearing in 2002. Jack first designed a retainer that makes a standard bearing better and went on to develop low drag ceramic bearings for many other applications. When Performance Bearing started, 80% of their products were for Go-Karts. Over the past few years the business has evolved into all the other racing venues such as Drag Racing, Circle Track and High Speed Industrial Machine Tools.